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This Staccato P PASSED 40,000 ROUNDS with these 5 shots

People ask me “do you need a new barrel?” LOL. The groups it still puts up answers that question. Congratulations Staccato! My Staccato P fired 40,000 FLAWLESS ROUNDS in the last 3 years! No major parts broken or replaced. Just regular maintenance: recoil springs, firing pin springs, and I replaced the firing pin once or twice. No reason, just thought it was a good idea 🙂 I keep it clean and extremely well lubed in all the right places. I take the slide apart every 5000 rounds for a deep clean, and I take the frame apart every 15,000 rounds for a deep clean. I have several other Staccato P pistols, all steel, and they have 2000 rounds to 9000 rounds through them. I have still never had a failure in any of them.

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