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FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

  • Why does my barrel fit tighter than the factory barrel?
  • Why does the finish wear?
  • Do your barrels require a break-in period?
  • Are your barrels more accurate than the factory barrels?
  • Why does the barrel not feel as “smooth” as the factory barrel?
  • What is your return policy?
  • Do you stand behind your products?
  • Installation Guide Sig P320 Perfect Fit PROComp

Orders typically ship with 48 hours of receipt. If for some reason you do not receive tracking information from us for your order within 72 hours, please feel free to contact us to find out the status of your order. Please check your JUNK Folder before contacting us to make sure the tracking information didn’t go to your JUNK Folder.


If you have any questions about our barrels like the above, read on. Everyone should read this before purchasing a barrel from us.
To begin, we have the most generous return policy in the industry, you have 90 days to return the barrel no questions asked, even if you fired it. If you didn’t buy it directly from us, and want to return your barrel for some reason, we will still refund your purchase for the full MSRP price of the barrel found on our website. We want our customers to be happy. It is not worth the price of a barrel to have an unhappy customer.
The difference between the factory barrel and our barrel are the tolerances the barrels are made to. We design our barrels to fit tighter than the factory barrels. Our barrels are just short of needing to be hand fit by a gunsmith. Why? Because the tighter the barrel, the better accuracy you will get out of your pistol. Metal on metal is going to eventually wear whatever finish you have on the barrel wherever the metal of the slide contacts the metal of the barrel. We use the most durable finishes available in the industry for each color we finish our barrels in. In just about every case, the finish on our barrel will be a more durable finish than found on your factory barrel. You may notice the finish on our barrels will wear quickly in the spots where it contacts the slide. That’s because our barrels fit quite a bit tighter than the factory barrel in those areas. Your factory barrel will wear in the exact same spots, it will just take a little longer because it is loosely fit compared to our barrel and it does not encounter as much resistance from the slide; basically less contact = less wear.
We recommend a 500-round break in period with our barrels because they are fit so tight and the barrel needs to fit itself to the slide before it runs completely smoothly. Any wear on the barrel will happen in the first 500 rounds and pretty much end around there. The reason your factory barrel feels “smooth” is because it is loosely fit and it encounters less resistance where it contacts the slide. 
Sigs and Glocks are modular pistols made to looser tolerances so parts can be swapped in and out and work fine from gun to gun. You can’t do that with a custom hand-built pistol like a Wilson Combat 1911 or Staccato 2011. Every part has to be hand fit to work properly. Nothing is drop-in on those guns.
Our barrels are more accurate than the factory barrel because we put countless months into developing and testing each barrel we make, getting the fit as tight as possible without needing to be hand fit.
That said, you have 90 days to return the barrel, you might as well shoot it and see how well it performs compared to the factory barrel, at least break it in a little and see what it can do.
Our barrels are not made to just look pretty, they are made to perform. You should see the wear marks on the barrels on my $2K-$4K 1911s and 2011s. Those wear marks show me the barrel is fit tight and I am getting the most accuracy out of the gun as possible.
If you have any other questions, please go to the Contact Page and drop us a note. We will respond within 24 hours guaranteed.

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