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The Firearmblog : The P320 Perfect Fit PROComp from Backup Tactical

Backup Tactical is going to have several new products coming out in early 2023 including their first of the year – the new SIG P320 Perfect Fit PROComp lineup. The PROComp lineup is a series of CNC machined anodized aluminum single port comps that match the contours and lines of the P320 platform and are said to reduce recoil by up to 50%.

Backup Tactical is Tackling several new product lines for 2023; the first their Perfect Fit PROComp for the Sig P320.

According to Jason Bayne, owner of Backup Tactical, “Backup Tactical is expanding its offerings to include 3 new product lines in 2023. The first are Compensators for the Sig P320 Compact and Full-Size pistols. In about two weeks, RSR, our Distributor, will be shipping our new Sig P320 Perfect Fit PROComps. All our new compensators are CNC Machined Anodized Aluminum Alloy single port comps. We say ALL our new compensators, because our unique Glock comps will follow along in a few weeks. Right about then we will also be introducing our new line of Magazine Extensions for both Glock and Sig pistols, and we will also be offering a minimalist stock for SBRs and small rifles! Backup Tactical has grown by leaps in the last 2 years and we have decided to expand to other offering areas in the industry to serve shooters as much as possible with products that are not only top quality but are reasonably priced.”

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