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Product Review: Honest Feedback About Backup Tactical’s Threaded-Glock 19 Barrel

Notice: This Post is a transcription from a YouTube video review from Matt Hoffman and his Channel Hoffman R.A.N.G.E.

Hey everyone. Welcome back to The R.A.N.G.E. Looking to fancy up your Generation 3 or Generation 4 Glock 19? Well step inside, walk this way; let’s take a look at Backup Tactical’s threaded barrel for our Glock 19.

I’ve had Backup Tactical’s threaded barrel on my Glock 19 MOS Gen 4 pretty much since I bought the gun. Let’s do a rundown on the barrel specs.

  • Overall barrel length is four and a half inches
  • 416 stainless steel construction
  • Pulled-broach SAAMI spec rifling
  • One in sixteen twists; the factory is 1 in 10
  • 1/2 inch by 28 threads
  • 4 finish offerings: stainless steel, black, olive drab, and flat dark earth, all on PVD

Did I mention this is made in the USA? And drop-in and pew fit. Street price on these is right around $200.

As far as chamber support goes, we have good, full-chamber support on the barrel to handle those +P+Loads. The Backup Tactical threaded barrel is on my left here, and the factory is on the right – and we just have some of the standard snap caps from A-zoom in there.

Now to the down-and-dirty.

I’ve tested just about all my subsonic ammunition to this barrel, from 124-grain subsonic to the 165-grain Freedom Munitions HUSH. Rounds all hit the target head-on and no keyholing; that’s a very good thing. I ran HST, Ranger-T, Gold Dots, and even some of the Hirtenberger L7A1 through the barrel and not a single hiccup.

I do not have a dedicated 9-millimeter suppressor so I use my Osprey 45. I do have cycling issues with subsonics unless I run the IMI 158-grain loads which are a little on the warm side for subsonic. They’re right around 1000 to 1025 feet per second for 158-grain. This is more or less to blame on the recoil spring assembly in the Gen 4s over anything, from what I’ve read. No random accuracy or feeding issues when I wasn’t running it suppressed. We’ve also seen velocities in this 4 1/2 inch barrel that meet or exceed the 5.1-inch barrel in the M9 A3. I do like the thick barrel profiles in the Glocks which allow me to use a standard half-inch piston that indexes off the barrel shoulder and not off the muzzles.

Why Backup Tactical?

With as many aftermarket Glock barrels, I’m sure someone down in the comments may ask, “But why buy the Backup Tactical? It’s all about personal choice my friend. Maybe you like the four-color offerings? Maybe you want a middle-of-the-road-priced barrel that doesn’t have dimples or flutes or super-exotic colors? Maybe you even like their wide array of threaded protectors that they offer in various colors, shapes, and sizes? Maybe you want a 4 1/2 inch barrel with half-inch threads over one that’s 4.7 or in metric M13?

To quote the King, “Have it your way.”

It’s hard to really pick apart the barrel. It’s made in the USA, drop-in fit, and very competitively priced. If I had to complain about one thing I wish it would caliber-mark the barrel somewhere like on the hood like they do in the factory. When you get a lot of accessories on the table at the range, sometimes picking up a barrel and seeing the caliber mark erases any doubt that you’ve grabbed what you’ve needed. I see in addition to the threaded Glock 19 barrels they offered non-threaded versions as well as now offering Glock 17 threaded models.

I’d like to thank Backup Tactical for the opportunity to test their barrels and to you all for watching.

At this current time, I’m unsure what the content restrictions with YouTube will play out like. I like uploading here so I’ll try my hardest to comply with their rules even though I think they’re stupid, but it is their sandbox. I’ve reserved my channel name on full30 so when they allow more content creators to upload there I will try my hardest to get on there. I do have a Patreon account set up I’ll put the link in the description below for anybody willing to help out a little extra there. As always, I appreciate any of my contacts, supporters, and vendors. Until next time, catch you at the R.A.N.G.E.

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