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Gun Review: BATTLE OF THE BULLS: Dan Wesson ECP Vs Wilson Combat ULC

How did we arrive at a Dan Wesson ECP Vs Wilson Combat ULC showdown?

After years of carrying and practicing with a Glock 19, and a couple of other compact polymer double-stack 9mm pistols, I found I wasn’t really getting to where I wanted to be with my CCW pistol training. Specifically, I felt my double-taps and rapid-fire groups should be better. Seeing how well my peers were able to shoot rapid fire drills with the same pistols, I knew there was a lot of room for me to improve. But I had reached a certain point and I was just not getting any better. There were two possible explanations: either my shooting skills had plateaued, or I wasn’t using the right equipment. I decided to explore the latter explanation and look for a 9mm carry pistol I could better control. I figured if I could find a 9mm pistol that was designed for concealed carry that had noticeably less recoil than a Glock 19, that would be a great place to start.


It was just over two years ago that my quest to find 9mm carry pistol with minimal recoil took me headlong into the world of single-stack 9mm 1911 pistols. For those of you who have checked in along the way reading my reviews and discussion forum posts, know it has been quite a trip! To be honest, had I known what an absolute fortune this journey was going to cost me, I probably would have stuck with my Glock 19 and the 6” rapid-fire groups I shot with it! 

I’m not going to recount all the pistols I have shot, compared, bought and then sold; that’s all been well documented in other articles and discussion forum reviews. For this particular review, I’m focusing on a popular segment of the 9mm 1911 world, the 4” Bull-Barrel 1911. In particular, a couple of Bulls with lightweight aluminum-alloy frames. While Bull-Barrel 1911 pistols, can be had with a steel frame, they are heavier, and many find the extra weight makes them unsuitable for daily carry. A Lightweight Bull, on the other hand, with a full 9-round magazine, is comparable in weight to loaded Glock 19. But since 1911 Bull is a single stack, it is thinner and somewhat easier to conceal. So, the Lightweight Bull makes a lot of sense for the EDC crowd. 

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