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Installation Guide Sig P320 Perfect Fit PROComp

Thank you for your purchase of the Perfect Fit PROComp. With the correct installation of this product you will experience a very noticeable reduction in felt recoil and muzzle rise. This will enable you to quickly get back on target for quicker follow-up shots. It is recommended that you have this PROComp installed by a competent gunsmith.

These instructions pertain to the Sig Sauer P320 full size and compact pistols. Please read and understand all steps prior to continuing. We want you to enjoy the awesome benefits of owning and using Backup Tactical products

Step 1. Disassembly

Remove magazine, lock slide in reward position, check chamber to make sure weapon is unloaded, rotate slide take-down lever downward and remove slide towards front of pistol. (if you need help with this step, please stop what you are doing and find a gunsmith)

Step 2. Disassembly

Remove recoil spring assembly and barrel and set aside. Install new threaded barrel (Hopefully you have purchased one of the fine barrels available from Backup Tactical Corp). Install original recoil spring assembly.

Step 3. Reassembly

Carefully thread on the Perfect Fit PROComp (this is right hand thread 1/2-28) Continue threading it on until it “GENTLY TOUCHES” the front of the slide, then reverse direction only the amount needed so that the comp is aligned properly with front of slide. DO NOT FORCE THE COMP TIGHTLY AGAINST FRONT OF SLIDE

Step 4. Reassembly

Insert the slide and comp assembly into an adequate vise of some kind. (if you do not follow this procedure your pistol will not operate properly and you will not be happy)  Make sure you are protecting the finish of your slide and comp by using soft jaws in your vise or some sort of flat wood or plastic strips. The idea here is to make sure that the comp and slide are in perfect alignment with each other before performing the next step.

Step 5. Reassembly

Remove allen head set screws (5/64 allen wrench). Using a #29 drill bit in a drill motor, slightly dimple your barrel using one of the threaded holes as a guide. Be careful to maintain the correct angle so as to not damage the threads in the comp with your drill bit. MAKE SURE TO ONLY DIMPLE A VERY LITTLE !!!! GOING TOO DEEP WILL DAMAGE YOUR BARREL  AND MAKE IT UNUSABLE. The idea here is to just make a “SEAT” for the set screw that will prevent the comp from rotating during operation. Install one set screw in the hole that you just dimpled and repeat process in 2nd hole.

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