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TEST Backup Tactical Final Production Glock Precise Fit PROComp :)

I think the video very clearly shows the significant reduction in recoil. It definitely feels like the 60% reduction in recoil we claim our Glock Precise Fit PROComp produces. It also looks like a million bucks doing its job as well. Hats off to the much loved Gunsmith Mike Brini, who designed this comp with us along with our Sig P320 Precise Fit PROComp. We expect to have them out to our Distributor, The RSR Group, in 3 to 4 weeks, and they will also be available at MSRP on our website ($149.99). Expect more than one color option down the road as well:) As always thanks to Delray Shooting Center for use of their facilities. To see this complete video and all our videos please go to the Backup Tactical YouTube Channel, or visit the BLOG on our website #backuptactical #glockcomps #glockcomp @delrayshootingcenter #delrayshootingcenter

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