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… So here is the backup tactical p320 full size precision match grade threaded barrel absolutely beautiful, so we’re going to take off the thread protector here all the threaded barrels from backup tactical come with a
thread protector got to keep those threads protected now a threaded barrel can be used for a comp or a compensator, or it can be used for a suppressor, so it’s good to have that versatility out there so having a threaded barrel is a
great way to go so let’s go ahead and the barrel is a match grade precision machined beautiful durable threaded barrel for the SIG p320 full size threaded barrel..

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Backup Tactical Corp, has finally brought their barrel manufacturing expertise to SIG Sauer 9mm pistols. As of today, Backup Tactical is shipping Threaded Barrels for both the Compact and Full-Size Sig P320 line of pistols to their Distributor (RSR Group), retailers, and retail customers. The barrels are available in Black (Black Nitride finish) or FDE (Titanium Nitride finish) for both the Compact and Full-Sized P320 9mm pistols. For the next few days, the P320 Threaded Barrels will be available on their website, and in a week or so at firearm accessory retailers everywhere.

The Backup Tactical Sig P320 threaded barrels are competitively priced at $169.99 regardless of size or finish and include a color-matching thread protector. The first production run of Sig P320 barrels are shipping with their best-selling FRAG Thread Protector (shown in pictures above and below).

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