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Standard Barrel for Glock 19

Standard Barrel for Glock 19

Backup Tactical is a great resource for anyone looking for a non-threaded barrel for their Glock 19. We offer three colors to choose from: ODG, FDE, and Black. Whether you’re a law enforcement officer who wants to keep your weapon looking sharp, or simply want an upgrade over the factory barrel, Backup Tactical has the perfect option for you! Regardless of the generation 1 thru 5, this drop-in fit barrel has you covered.


  • AISI 416 Stainless Steel
  • Pulled-Broach Rifling
  • SAAMI® Spec 9MM
  • 1/16 Twist-Rate

Additional information

Barrel Length

4.5 inches
** overall without Thread protector

Barrel Type

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