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Shooting the Redesigned FN Highpower

I recorded this video after shooting 6 rounds, I shot another 194 rounds after recording the video. Much of what I say in the video holds true after shooting 200 rounds. This is the first standard production pistol that has come out recently that I particularly like. I do like the original Hi Power. I have owned three. I wound up selling all of them for the same reason: hammer bite, slide bite, and the marginal SA non-1911 trigger. This redesigned High Power eliminates the first two issues and really tries to address the third issue; the trigger. The trigger is better than it was, but it is still not a 1911/2011 trigger. It’s like the old Hi Power in many ways particularly regarding ergonomics, balance, pointability and controlability. I really like the sights, but may swap the front with a Fiber Optic or have a gold or brass bead fit to the front sight. This is the kind of gun I would carry daily. I like to carry Full-Size, all steel pistols with Single Action triggers. Is it worth the money? FN discontinued the Hi Power because as it was designed it required a fair amount of skilled labor to put it together. Many of the parts had to be hand fit. The Hi Power was essentially what we would call a semi-custom pistol today. They were simply to expensive to make for what should be a standard production pistol. FN needed to address this issue, hence the redesigned High Power to become a standard production pistol. I think at $1300 it is a little expensive for a standard production pistol. I would have no problem paying $900 to $1000 for one of these pistols. It is a high quality production pistol by any standard. Plus FN engineers some excellent and outstanding firearms for the military, law enforcement, and civilians alike. FNs products quality and reliability are unquestioned. I will post a couple of targets I shot yesterday while shooting 200 rounds through this High Power.

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