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Review: TFB FIRST LOOK- The New Gen5 GLOCK 17 And Gen5 GLOCK 19

Finally, the firearms industry’s best-worst kept secret is now official. We no longer have to use hushed voices or sneak into the shadows to discuss finger grooves and ambidextrous slide release stop levers (ok, I never did either of those things).

The Gen5 GLOCK pistols are set to be released publicly in both G17 and G19 models in a matter of days.

And by some devine blessing from the 9mm gods, TFB is lucky enough to have two sets of the new handguns for review.

As reviews go, I am going to format this ‘first look’ a little differently than normal. Besides the lack of finger grooves and right side slide stop lever, these guns function as GLOCKs always have.  Love it or hate it, the trigger feels the same, the grip angle is the same and the general feel is classic GLOCK.

Thats not to say that the Gen5 changes are insignificant – from the crown of the barrel to the magazine well, GLOCK has tweaked an already proven design and made it better (my opinion here). Are the new guns as drastic or groundbreaking as some would have hoped? Probably not. But we shouldn’t be surprised at the Austrian gun manufacturers decisions at this point – they make incremental changes on their own timeline.

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