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Redesigned FN High Power Pixie Stick Recoil Rod

Why is there a Pixie Stick in my new FN High Power? I love FN, they are one of my favorite firearm manufacturers and I’m proud to own many of their products (my SCAR 16S is my go to rifle, I love my PS90 SBR, and Five-seveN). The new FN High Power is a heavy all steel firearm, no point in trying to make this gun light. So why is there a Pixie Stick that weighs a tenth of an ounce being used as the recoil rod? Who’s brilliant idea was that? Can you just put a steel one in please. Even if it doesn’t make a difference, I would have more confidence in it and feel better about theis $1299 pistol. Thanks! #backuptactical @fn_usa @fn_america #fnhighpower #hipower #newhighpower

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