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Product Review: Backup Tactical Thread-Protectors by

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Threaded barrels. They just make every gun a little bit cooler, don’t they? Slap a threaded barrel on even the common GLOCK 19 and it instantly stands out on the range. Not to mention all the options it opens up for muzzle devices. But what if you have a threaded barrel and aren’t using a muzzle device at the moment? Enter Backup Tactical’s line of spiffy looking thread protectors. Threaded barrels are cool, but if you aren’t careful, things can go sideways quickly. You could accidentally drop your threaded gun and bend one of the threads out of alignment, rendering the threads instantly useless. Or if they become clogged after thousands of rounds it could take some a chunk of time and elbow grease to clean the gunk out and make it serviceable again.

To keep the threads in good working order, prudent owners slot a thread protector onto their barrel when not in use. Most threaded barrels don’t come with a thread protector out of the box so you’ll need to find one on your own. Most companies out there make boring standard thread protectors, nothing more than black metal tubes. But for those looking for something a little more stylish, Backup Tactical may have just the ticket.

Materials Used in the Thread-Protectors

Backup Tactical machines their thread protectors out of aluminum, a material soft enough to not gouge or scratch your threads but tough enough to stand up to the typical wear and tear you would expect on the barrel of a gun. Not only are they functional, but the biggest selling point for Backup Tactical’s product is that they add a little extra flair to your already pimped out gun. Whether you want a laser-etched Spartan, a utilitarian cross-hatch, or even a hot pink camo pattern it’s all possible.

Backup Tactical’s protectors are available in the following pitches:

  • 1/2×28
  • 13.5×1 LH
  • .578×28
  • 16×1 LH
  • 5/8×24

Out on the range, the thread protectors work as advertised. They slot on easily and, just as important, stay put. And they don’t scratch easily.

What more do you need? Not every design is my cup of tea, but…horses for courses. There are a few Backup Tactical looks that I’d totally pay $30 for. If there’s one that would look good on your gat, go for it.

Specifications: Backup Tactical Thread Protector

  • MSRP: $29.99
  • Overall: ****

I’ve seen thread protectors for less, but not much less. The style is where Backup Tactical’s protectors really stand out.

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