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Product Review: Backup Tactical Thread Protectors

I am a geek in many ways: one of which involves camo patterns. Camo holsters, camo clothes and even camo phone cases. I make no apologies for my love of earthy patterns. So when I saw the Kryptek camo thread protector from Backup Tactical, something stirred inside me. Usually thread protectors are lackluster pieces of knurled metal.

Not here.

Now, if you are expecting pages upon pages of indepth review, I’m going to go ahead and stop you right there. It’s a thread protector for crying out loud. But they are definitely unique enough to get some air-time.

Two things: First, I’m not a “bling” kind of guy, and some versions of the Reliable Thread Protector border on “gun bling”. But I also recognize that I am the last person anyone should take style advice from. Second, the guns I have threaded all have dedicated suppressors, so the situations where I would need a thread protector might be less than other shooters.

But the team at Backup Tactical has put together a well made, good looking and affordable thread protector. And as suppressor ownership increases at a record pace, thankfully there is going to be a lot more threads to protect. We might as well have some style choices.

What’s available right now.

Currently, only the 1/2×28 thread pattern is available, but the company has plans to release protectors in other popular thread pitches very soon. Besides the Kryptek pattern, my other favorite was the red, white and blue ‘stars and bars’ version.

Owner/operator Jason Bayne created custom thread protectors just for himself for years. But when shooters at his range asked him “Where did you get those?”, Bayne decided to take his idea to the commercial market. And Backup Tactical has thread protectors to fit almost any style.

Last thing I almost forgot about their thread-protectors…

I almost forgot. As thread protectors they work as advertised. They spin on easily with no wobble and they mount up flush to the shoulder.

Honestly, with all the custom Glock builds and refinishing options available these days, I can see the Reliable Thread Protector selling well. Check them out. Click here to read the full article.

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