Gun owners seeking the sound of silence continue to wait for the fat lady to sing about the Hearing Protection Act. While ATF wait times are coming down, suppressor buyers still have to jump through the National Firearms Act’s paperwork, tax and temporal hoops. But that hasn’t stopped them from buying threaded pistol barrels ahead of the Act’s possible passage.

On some firearms (e.g., the FN FNX-45 Tactical), a suppressor-ready threaded barrel comes straight from the factory. For others, it’s aftermarket only.

Backup Tactical — esteemed makers of bling and badass thread protectors

— is now targeting The Friend of Gaston with a colorful series of threaded barrels for the GLOCK 19. They’re starting with standard black, shiny silver and a “flat dark earth” that looks fairly close to gold.

Back-up Tactical manufactures the barrels entirely in-house from solid stress-relieved 416 stainless steel rods.

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